The best way for you to proceed with any removal company is to have a home survey, these are free and without obligation. Please click on Request a Visit to arrange one.

Our assessor Allan comes to your home at a convenient time and completes a survey of what needs to be moved. This appointment takes between 30- 50mins dependant on the size of property.

We can then view everything that needs to be moved and identify any special requirements or difficulties. This enables us to provide an exact fixed priced quotation which will not alter unless your requirements change. It also enables you to ask any questions or concerns you have directly with Allan who is always happy to provide expert free advice.

Not only does this home survey enable a fixed price but we are also then fully aware of what is necessary to carry-out your move successfully. We will know exactly what covers and materials are required, identify any awkward items and seen everything that is to go so that the onus has been taken away from you to precisely list everything. This then in turn means we can tailor our services specifically for you and put the right staff for the right number of days and with the best suited vehicle etc.

We do offer an online quote facility but we would always recommend a free home survey as this is the best way to ensure an accurate quote and in turn a stress free move.

Please call or email and let us know when is convenient for you for your free survey with no-obligation.