Why pay more for self-store?

We offer containerised storage in our own warehouse, protected by CCTV and alarmed security. Each wooded storage container (size of a small shed) is dry, sealed and inventoried. Storage is charged per container on a weekly basis, so you only pay for what you use. Access can be arranged to containers, with a small charge.

Storage can be a great solution if you need to:

  • De-clutter your house for sale
  • If you are having home improvement work done
  • If you need to vacate a property in a chain sale.

Storage Cost Estimator

Use the table below to gauge the number of boxes you require and find out the cost.

We always advise that we see your items before we store them so we can give the most accurate quote.

Estimate of contents Number of containers Total price
(including VAT)
What it looks like
35ft² container-icon x1 £12 7ft by 5ft – average shed
50ft² container-icon x2 £24 Studio flat
100ft² container-icon x3 £36 1 / 2 bed house / flat
150ft² container-icon x5 £60 2 / 3 bed house
200ft² container-icon x6 £72 3 bed house or 4 bed (no garage)
250ft² container-icon x8 £96 4 bed house with garage
300ft² container-icon x9+ £168 5 bed house +

Please note that the above figures are estimates and everybody’s home is different, so they are based on averages from our 40 years of experience. It is best practice for any company who is going to move or store your items to see them first, otherwise there is a danger of under or over estimation, which may adversely affect the quote.